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Top 15 Apps Like Zilch for Buy Now, Pay Later Options

Top 15 Apps Like Zilch for Buy Now, Pay Later Options

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) apps are rapidly transforming the retail landscape, offering consumers a flexible way to manage their finances without the immediate financial burden. As one of the pioneers, Zilch has carved out a significant niche in this market, yet the appetite for similar apps continues to grow. Whether due to varying terms of app, accessibility, or additional features, many shoppers are on the lookout for alternatives that better suit their specific needs.

Stay tuned as we dive deep into the world of BNPL apps like Zilch, equipping you with all the information you need to make informed financial choices.

About Zilch Apps

 Apps Like Zilch

Zilch is a prominent player in the Buy Now, Pay Later market. It stands out for its straightforward approach to credit and payment solutions, which allows users to spread the cost of purchases over a period of time with little to no interest. The app integrates seamlessly into many online shopping experiences, enabling instant access at checkout with just a few clicks. Zilch supports responsible spending by providing clear terms and the flexibility to pay over six weeks, making it easier for users to manage their budgets without incurring long-term debt.

A unique feature of Zilch is its rewards program, which offers cashback on purchases when users pay back on time, effectively rewarding them for good financial habits. Moreover, Zilch doesn’t require a hard credit check to get started, which can be a significant advantage for those looking to preserve their credit scores while enjoying the benefits of BNPL apps.

Now that we’ve covered the basics about Zilch, let’s explore why look for zilch alternatives, which could better suit different purchasing needs or offer additional functionalities not provided by Zilch.

What’s The Need To Look for Zilch Alternatives?

While Zilch offers many benefits, shoppers often seek alternatives for several reasons. Each BNPL app comes with its own set of features, terms, and eligibility requirements, which might suit different user needs better. Some apps may offer longer repayment terms, lower fees, or more flexible payment options, appealing to users with specific financial situations or shopping habits.

Additionally, not all retailers support every BNPL app, so consumers might need to look for an alternative that is accepted by their favorite stores. This flexibility ensures that users can still manage their finances effectively, even if their preferred retailer doesn’t support Zilch.

Exploring other apps like Zilch also allows users to take advantage of various promotions and discounts unique to each platform. As competition in the BNPL space heats up, companies are increasingly offering incentives to attract new customers, which can be very beneficial for savvy shoppers.

Understanding the diverse landscape of BNPL apps can empower consumers to make the best choice for their financial health and shopping preferences.

Overview of Popular Zilch Alternatives Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

App NameFoundedCountryReview (Out of 5)Downloads (Approx.)
TamaraSaudi Arabia4.71M
Affirm2012United States4.85M
Sezzle2016United States4.61M
Apple Pay LaterUnited States
Zip (formerly Quadpay)2013Australia
Laybuy2017New Zealand4.61M
Tabby2019United Arab Emirates4.71M

Top 15 Apps Like Zilch | Zilch Alternatives

Let’s explore each of the 15 apps that serve as alternatives to Zilch in the Buy Now, Pay Later market. These reviews will provide an overview of each app and highlight whom they are best suited for, helping you identify the right option for your shopping needs.

1. Klarna

Apps like Klarna is one of the most popular BNPL app globally, known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. The app allows shoppers to pay for their purchases in four installments over two weeks or finance larger purchases over a few months. Klarna is also integrated with numerous online and physical stores, making it highly accessible.

Best For

Shoppers looking for a versatile payment plan and a wide array of participating retailers.

2. Tamara

Tamara is gaining traction in the Middle East, offering users the ability to pay in three installments with zero interest. The app focuses on simplicity and improving the checkout experience, with a strong emphasis on security and customer service.

Best For

Consumers in the Middle East looking for a straightforward, interest-free BNPL solution.

3. Affirm

Apps like Affirm provides a transparent BNPL app with no hidden fees. It allows users to choose the payment schedule that works best for them, from monthly installments over three, six, or twelve months. Affirm is unique in that it offers real-time decision-making at checkout, providing users with an immediate line of credit for their purchases.

Best For

Buyers who appreciate transparency in their financial agreements and those who may need longer to pay off larger purchases.

4. Afterpay

Apps like Afterpay allows users to buy products immediately and pay for them in four equal installments, due every two weeks. It’s particularly popular among millennials thanks to its no interest and no upfront fees policy, provided payments are made on time.

Best For

Young adults and millennials who prefer a consistent, predictable payment schedule without interest.

5. Credpal

Credpal is a Nigerian BNPL service that provides consumers and businesses with credit to shop at various merchants. It offers flexible repayment plans and integrates smoothly into the purchasing process, enhancing accessibility for African consumers.

Best For

African shoppers looking for a BNPL app that caters specifically to their market.


NELO is tailored for the Mexican market, offering an immediate buy now, pay later app with minimal fuss. It requires no credit card and integrates directly into the checkout process, providing a seamless shopping experience.

Best For

Mexican consumers interested in easy access to credit without needing a traditional credit card.

7. Sezzle

Apps like Sezzle breaks down purchases into four payments over six weeks with no interest, as long as payments are made on time. It focuses on financial empowerment by offering users a way to build their credit scores through timely payments, a feature that sets it apart from many other BNPL apps.

Best For

Consumers interested in improving their credit score while enjoying the flexibility of BNPL.

8. Apple Pay Later

Integrated directly within the Apple ecosystem, Apple Pay Later allows users to split their purchases into four equal payments over six weeks, without any interest or fees. The service is designed to work seamlessly with any Apple device, leveraging the user’s existing Apple Pay setup for an intuitive payment experience.

Best For

Apple users looking for a familiar and secure way to manage their payments directly through their devices.

9. Zip (formerly Quadpay)

Apps like Zip allows shoppers to split their purchase into four equal installments, paid over six weeks. The app is known for its broad acceptance at various retailers and its user-friendly app interface, making it easy for users to manage their finances and track payments.

Best For

Shoppers who value a straightforward payment plan and extensive retailer partnerships.

10. Laybuy

Originating in New Zealand, Laybuy offers a unique approach by allowing users to spread the cost of their purchases over six weeks. What makes Laybuy different is its “choose your day” feature, which lets customers select the day of the week that their payments are due.

Best For

Consumers who want flexibility in payment scheduling to align with their cash flow.

11. LazyPay

LazyPay emerges as a popular choice in India, offering instant credit that can be used not only for online shopping but also for bill payments and food deliveries. The app provides a pay later option that can be settled in 15 days, or in EMIs for bigger purchases.

Best For

Indian consumers looking for versatility in a BNPL service that extends beyond retail purchases.

12. Simpl

Simpl integrates a ‘pay later’ model where users consolidate their purchases and pay for them once every two weeks. It promotes a seamless shopping experience by removing the friction at the checkout, essentially allowing users to checkout with one tap.

Best For

Shoppers who prefer a minimalist, hassle-free payment process and monthly billing.

13. Motito

Motito is a newer player tailored to the African market, particularly focusing on Ghana and Nigeria. It allows shoppers to purchase goods immediately and pay later in installments, helping to bridge the gap for consumers with limited access to traditional credit.

Best For

African consumers looking for tailored financial solutions that cater to their specific market needs.

14. Tabby

Tabby offers users in the Middle East a flexible payment solution with the option to pay in installments or after 14 days. Its no-interest policy and the absence of fees make it a competitive choice in regions where credit card penetration is low.

Best For

Middle Eastern consumers seeking an easy and cost-effective BNPL app.

15. Addi

Based in Colombia, Addi provides financial flexibility with its digital credit system that users can apply for at the point of sale, both online and in-store. The service is designed to be fast and efficient, aiming to boost accessibility to credit in South America.

Best For

South American shoppers who need quick credit approvals for immediate purchases.

Final Words

In this article, we’ve explored a diverse range of Buy Now, Pay Later apps that cater to different consumer needs and geographical markets. From Klarna’s extensive retail partnerships to Motito’s focus on African markets, each app offers unique advantages that can significantly enhance your shopping experience and financial management.

We discussed the importance of selecting a BNPL app that aligns with your shopping preferences and financial objectives. Highlighting features such as credit-building options and flexible payment schedules can help you make a more informed decision. Additionally, we’ve shown why it’s valuable to consider a wide array of BNPL options beyond just Zilch to find the one that best fits your needs.


How do I sign up for a BNPL app?

Signing up typically involves downloading the app or visiting the website of the BNPL app and completing a registration process that may include a credit check.

What are the eligibility criteria for BNPL apps?

Eligibility usually depends on your age (often 18 or older), residency status, and sometimes a preliminary credit check to ensure financial reliability.

Can BNPL purchases impact my mortgage application?

While BNPL itself might not directly affect your mortgage application, lenders may consider your BNPL usage as part of your overall financial behavior and indebtedness.

How do BNPL companies make money if they don’t charge interest?

BNPL providers typically earn revenue through merchant fees paid by the stores where you shop and late fees from consumers who fail to make payments on time.

What should I do if I can’t make a BNPL payment on time?

Contact the BNPL provider as soon as possible to discuss potential options; some may offer payment extensions or financial hardship plans.

Are BNPL plans regulated?

Regulation varies by country, but many places are starting to implement stricter regulations to protect consumers using BNPL apps.

What is the difference between BNPL and credit cards?

BNPL plans typically offer short-term financing without interest, whereas credit cards provide a revolving line of credit with interest charges on unpaid balances.

Can I cancel a BNPL plan after making a purchase?

Cancellation policies vary by provider, but generally, you would need to return the item to the retailer rather than cancel through the BNPL app.

What types of products are not suitable for BNPL?

Items that are non-returnable, such as personalized goods or perishable items, may not be ideal for BNPL due to complications with returns or refunds.

How do I manage multiple BNPL payments effectively?

Keep track of payment schedules using the apps’ built-in tools or set reminders on your phone or calendar to ensure timely payments and avoid fees.

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