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Top 7 Trending Food Ordering Apps in The USA

Top 7 Trending Food Ordering Apps in The USA

In an era where convenience is king, food ordering apps have become an integral part of daily life for many Americans. These trending apps in USA not only simplify meal procurement but also profoundly influence dining trends and consumer behavior across the country. As the market expands, knowing which apps lead the pack can enhance your dining experience.

Let’s dive into the digital dining revolution and see how these apps are reshaping the way we think about meals.

1) Uber Eats

Trending Food Ordering Apps in The USA

Uber Eats stands as a towering figure in the food delivery landscape, not just in the USA but globally. Launched by Uber in 2014, it quickly expanded to serve millions of users by partnering with restaurants worldwide. In the United States, Uber Eats has become synonymous with convenience and variety, offering everything from fast food to gourmet meals. The app’s intuitive design and seamless integration with the Uber transport system enhance its appeal, making it a go-to choice for users seeking a hassle-free dining experience.

Key Features

  • Wide Range of Options: Access to a diverse array of restaurants and cuisines.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Users can track their orders from the moment they’re placed to delivery.
  • Scheduled Deliveries: Allows users to order meals in advance based on their convenience.
  • Integrated Payment System: Smooth payment process using Uber’s existing infrastructure.
  • Reward Program: Benefits and discounts for frequent users, enhancing customer loyalty.


Uber Eats boasts high user ratings, typically around 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 across various review platforms. The app’s efficiency, user-friendly interface, and reliable service contribute to its positive reception among consumers. Its ability to consistently deliver quality experiences helps maintain its high rating and trust with users.

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2) Postmates

Trending Food Ordering Apps in The USA

Postmates distinguishes itself in the crowded food delivery market by emphasizing not just meals but also a delivery service for groceries and other retail items. Founded in 2011, it rapidly became popular for its urban quick delivery services. In the USA, Postmates is particularly appreciated for its ability to deliver almost anything—from your favorite burger and sushi to a bottle of aspirin—often in under an hour. This flexibility makes it a favored choice for those unexpected needs or spontaneous meal decisions.

Key Features of Postmates

  • Broad Delivery Options: Delivers food, groceries, and retail items.
  • No Minimum Order: Users can order as little as they wish without a delivery penalty.
  • Party Mode: Offers time-sensitive deals if you order during certain events.
  • Subscription Service: Postmates Unlimited offers free delivery for orders over a certain amount.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Allows customers to track their delivery driver’s route.


Postmates enjoys robust ratings, generally around 4 stars out of 5 on most review platforms. The app’s unique selling proposition of delivering more than just food, coupled with its quick service, makes it a standout. Users often cite the convenience of having a single app for multiple types of deliveries as a significant advantage, contributing positively to its overall user satisfaction.

3) DoorDash

Best Food Ordering Apps in The USA

DoorDash, currently the leader in the U.S. food delivery market, commands a significant presence with a 65% market share. Founded in 2013, it has set itself apart by establishing extensive partnerships with both high-end restaurants and local diners, covering a vast spectrum of culinary choices. This broad reach, combined with a focus on efficient service and customer satisfaction, has made DoorDash the go-to app for millions of Americans seeking convenient meal solutions.

Key Features of DoorDash

  • Wide Restaurant Network: Partnerships with thousands of restaurants nationwide.
  • DashPass Subscription: Offers reduced service fees and free delivery on eligible orders for a monthly fee.
  • Group Orders: Easily allows multiple people to add items into a collective order.
  • DoorDash Delights: Periodic promotions and discounts on popular items.
  • Advanced Order Scheduling: Users can schedule deliveries up to several days in advance.


DoorDash consistently receives high praise with average ratings around 4.5 stars out of 5, making it one of the highest-rated food delivery apps in the market. Customers frequently highlight the app’s reliability, customer service quality, and the convenience of having a wide array of dining options as key factors in their positive reviews.

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4) Grubhub

Best Food Ordering Apps in The USA

Grubhub is one of the pioneers of the food delivery service industry in the USA, having been founded in 2004. It offers a vast network of over 300,000 restaurants across more than 4,000 U.S. cities. Grubhub excels in providing a platform that not only caters to the end consumer’s convenience but also supports local restaurants by enhancing their visibility and accessibility without requiring a physical visit. Its merger with Seamless has further expanded its reach and streamlined its services, reinforcing its position as a critical player in the food delivery sector.

Key Features of Grubhub

  • Extensive Restaurant Selection: Connects users to a wide range of dining options.
  • Grubhub+ Membership: Offers unlimited free delivery and exclusive perks for a monthly fee.
  • Preorder Capability: Allows users to place orders up to four days in advance.
  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Keeps customers updated on their order status from preparation to delivery.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Regular offers that incentivize users to choose Grubhub for their meals.


Grubhub maintains strong customer satisfaction with average ratings around 4 out of 5 stars. Users often commend the service for its reliable delivery, the breadth of food options available, and the frequency of discounts and promotional offers that make ordering more attractive financially.

5) ChowNow

Best Food Ordering Apps in The USA

ChowNow stands out in the food delivery market by focusing on a unique aspect: partnering directly with restaurants to provide a technology platform that supports their takeout and delivery operations without the hefty fees typically associated with third-party delivery apps. Founded in 2012, ChowNow helps local eateries maintain their profitability and identity by enabling them to manage orders through their websites and customized apps. This approach not only supports the local economy but also gives consumers a direct line to their favorite local spots, ensuring that their money goes straight to the restaurant.

Key Features of ChowNow

  • Commission-Free Ordering: Restaurants don’t pay per-order fees, which can improve their margins.
  • Customizable Restaurant Apps: Offers bespoke app development for restaurants to enhance their brand.
  • Marketing Support: Provides tools and services to help restaurants promote their business.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: Simplifies the transaction process for both restaurants and customers.
  • Order Directly from the Restaurant: Encourages ordering directly from the restaurant’s own website or app.


ChowNow is generally well-received by both restaurants and customers, with ratings frequently hovering around 4 stars. The platform is praised for empowering local businesses and offering consumers a guilt-free way to support local restaurants directly. Its focus on sustainable business practices for restaurants resonates well with a growing segment of consumers who are mindful of where their spending goes.

6) Instacart


Instacart uniquely combines grocery delivery with restaurant meal delivery, providing a comprehensive service that caters to both immediate meal needs and broader shopping requirements. Founded in 2012, Instacart has quickly become a major player in the delivery sector by enabling users to shop from multiple stores via a single app. This versatility makes Instacart particularly valuable for users looking to consolidate their food and grocery shopping into one efficient delivery experience.

Key Features of Instacart

  • Multiple Store Shopping: Users can shop from multiple grocery stores and restaurants in a single order.
  • Personal Shoppers: Instacart employs personal shoppers who pick and deliver orders based on the user’s specific preferences.
  • Real-Time Replacement Choices: Offers alternatives if the desired product is unavailable, with user approval.
  • Scheduled and Express Delivery Options: Provides flexibility with delivery times, including an express service for quicker needs.
  • Membership Benefits: Instacart Express members enjoy reduced fees and free delivery for orders exceeding a certain amount.


Instacart enjoys a favorable reputation with an average rating of around 4.3 stars out of 5 across various consumer platforms. Users appreciate the convenience of combining grocery with meal deliveries and the personalized shopping experience. This high level of customer satisfaction underscores Instacart’s effectiveness in meeting the diverse needs of today’s consumers.

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7) Seamless


Seamless operates seamlessly within the urban fabric of many American cities, offering a streamlined food delivery experience. It is particularly noted for its integration with Grubhub, which has enhanced its service capabilities and expanded its restaurant network. This merger allows Seamless to provide an extensive array of dining options, specializing in an effortless ordering process that appeals to busy professionals and urban dwellers seeking quick and reliable meal solutions.

Key Features of Seamless

  • Extensive Restaurant Network: Access to thousands of restaurants, courtesy of its merger with Grubhub.
  • No Minimum Order Requirement: Users can place orders of any size, catering to both small cravings and large gatherings.
  • Seamless+ Membership: Provides benefits such as unlimited free delivery and exclusive discounts.
  • Corporate Accounts: Offers solutions for businesses to manage team meals and catering efficiently.
  • Localized Promotions: Tailored deals and discounts that appeal to specific neighborhoods and tastes.


Seamless typically garners high praise, with ratings around 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5, reflecting its popularity and user satisfaction. The combination of convenience, a wide variety of food choices, and reliable service makes it a favorite among users who value efficiency and quality in their dining choices.

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Final Thoughts

In this exploration of the top trending food ordering apps in the USA, we’ve uncovered several compelling insights. Each app offers unique features that cater to various needs, from Uber Eats’ broad international reach to ChowNow’s commitment to empowering local businesses. The high user ratings across these platforms emphasize their robust market presence and the strong satisfaction among consumers.

Related FAQs

What are the benefits of using food ordering apps?

Food ordering apps offer convenience by allowing users to order food and groceries from a variety of local and national establishments from their mobile device, saving time and often money with exclusive app promotions.

How do food ordering apps ensure the quality of delivered food?

Most food ordering apps partner with reputable restaurants and include customer ratings and reviews to ensure transparency and quality control, while also providing real-time tracking to maintain optimal delivery conditions.

Can I schedule orders in advance on these food ordering apps?

Yes, most major food ordering apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash offer the functionality to schedule orders in advance, allowing users to plan their meals around their schedule conveniently.

Are there any subscription services available with these apps that offer additional benefits?

Apps like Grubhub, Seamless, and DoorDash offer subscription services like Grubhub+ and DashPass, which provide benefits such as reduced delivery fees and exclusive deals for a monthly fee.

What measures do food ordering apps take to address customer complaints?

Food ordering apps typically have dedicated customer service teams that handle complaints and issues via in-app support, phone, or email, offering refunds, redelivery, or other compensations to resolve issues promptly.

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