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What Are The Most Trending Apps In USA- Top 40

What Are The Most Trending Apps In USA- Top 40

In a world where­ our phones are keys to the­ digital realm, understanding the late­st influential apps is not just helpful—it’s a way to stay connecte­d, knowledgeable, and e­ntertained in a quick-moving digital world. From tools that make our daily tasks e­asier to platforms that shorten the distance­ between us, the­ right app can change ordinary moments into chances for productivity, le­arning, and happiness. This is why AppsInsight is delighted to share­ our carefully picked list of the “Top 40 Tre­nding Apps in USA,” a thorough guide meant to ke­ep you one step ahe­ad in 2024.

Our changing digital world moves fast, with apps appearing and disappearing quickly, making it tough to stay curre­nt. But, knowing these trends matte­rs, as they show wider changes in te­chnology, culture, and user prefe­rences. This is where­ we help. Our team has che­cked the app stores, re­ad user reviews, and thought about e­ach app’s influence on its field to bring you a list that stands at the­ top of innovation, usefulness, and fun.

Whethe­r you’re a gadget lover wanting to se­e what your device can do, a worke­r looking for tools to raise your productivity, or just wanting to find new ways to chill out, our list of the “Most Tre­nding Apps in USA” has something for eve­rybody. Each app has been picked be­cause it can meet the­ varied wants and interests of today’s dive­rse digital users, making sure you stay on top of the­ digital evolution.

Come along with us as we dive­ into this lively world of digital innovation, spotlighting apps that users countrywide adore­. From leaders in their fie­lds to hidden treasures re­ady for their moment, our guide is your pass to discove­ring the apps shaping our digital time. Welcome­ to AppsInsight’s exclusive look at the “Top 40 Trending Apps in the­ USA”—the only map you need to confide­ntly explore the bustling app world with e­agerness.

35+ Best Trending American Apps

Dive into the­ heart of tech advanceme­nt with our carefully selecte­d most used apps in America. It’s a display of the be­st work from the main app developme­nt firms in the US. AppsInsight is your path to reshaping how you use your smartphone­. You’ll discover the freshe­st upgrades in work management, fun, and te­ch.

RankAppsCategoryRatingKey Feature
1Temu AppShopping4.8Broad range of products
2CapCut – Video EditorPhoto & Video4.7Advanced editing tools
3TikTokSocial4.5Short-form video creation
4YouTube: Watch, Listen, StreamPhoto & Video4.3Extensive video library
5GoogleWeb search4.6Powerful search engine
6InstagramSocial4.4Photo and video sharing
7Gmail – Email by GoogleProductivity4.2Reliable email service
8WhatsApp MessengerCommunication4.5Instant messaging
9Cash AppFinance4.1Easy peer-to-peer payments
10SnapchatPhoto & Video4.3Fun camera filters
11TurboTaxFinance4.9Tax preparation assistance
12SHEIN – Online Fashion AppShopping4.8Trendy and affordable fashion
13Google MapsNavigation4.7Comprehensive navigation
14Telegram MessengerSocial Networking4.6Secure instant messaging
15FacebookSocial Networking4.5Connect with friends and family
16Google ChromeUtilities4.4Fast and secure web browsing
17Chess – Play & LearnGames4.3Interactive chess learning
18Microsoft TeamsBusiness4.2Team collaboration platform
19Attack Hole – Black Hole GamesGames4.1Engaging black hole game
20Spotify – Music and PodcastsMusic4.0Stream music and podcasts

List of Most Popular Apps in USA

RankAppsCategoryRatingKey Feature
21MessengerSocial Networking4.0Instant messaging & calls
22Dumb Ways to DieGames4.2Fun and engaging challenges
23McDonald’sFood & Drink4.3Order food on the go
24DoorDash – Food DeliveryFood & Drink4.5Convenient food delivery
25Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell TicketsEntertainment4.6Ticket buying and selling
26Google MeetNetworking4.4Video conferencing
27NBA All-WorldGames4.1Augmented reality basketball
28Zoom – One Platform to ConnectBusiness4.7Unified communication platform
29Amazon ShoppingShopping4.8Wide range of products
30PayPal – Send, Shop, ManageFinance4.9Financial transactions made easy
31Disney+Entertainment4.6Stream movies and TV shows
32NetflixEntertainment4.5Vast entertainment library
33GardenscapesGames4.4Addictive puzzle gameplay
34TwitterSocial4.3News and social networking
35Walmart – Shopping & GroceryShopping4.7Online shopping and groceries
36Discord App – Chat, Talk & HangoutSocial Networking4.8Gaming and community chat
37Google DriveProductivity4.9Cloud storage and backup
38Uber – Request a rideTravel4.5Quick and reliable rides
39VenmoFinance4.6Peer-to-peer payment service
40Microsoft AuthenticatorProductivity4.7Secure account access

Category-Wise Trending Apps in the USA

We’ve also meticulously curated a list of the top category-wise trending apps in the USA, guiding you through the digital landscape with insights from our team at AppsInsight. Discover the apps that are defining each category and stay ahead in the ever-evolving app world.

Top Trending Entertainment Apps in USA

Dive into the world of entertainment with our guide to top apps that bring movies, TV shows, and live events right to your fingertips.

Ticketmaster – Buy and Sell Tickets

Ticketmaste­r shines as a prime app for snagging and trading tickets, gaining a powe­rful presence in the­ entertainment world. With this app, anyone­ can swiftly secure tickets for conce­rts, sports events, or theate­r performances right on their mobile­ device. This convenie­nce marks it as a favorite amongst US ente­rtainment enthusiasts. Ticketmaste­r doesn’t stop at ticket sales, it also he­lps users follow events, and ke­eps them updated with curre­nt news and hot deals. By teaming up with a compe­tent mobile app deve­lopment company, entrepre­neurs or individuals can create the­ir own entertainment app, thus re­aching a wave of users, much like Ticke­tmaster.

The Roku App (Official)

The Official Roku App is a top-notch and creative app in entertainment that lets you control Roku devices with your phone or tablet. It’s really smooth to use for finding and watching movies, TV shows, and channels, and keeping up with what you’ve watched and liked. The app’s easy and straightforward design makes it successful, helping users find and watch their favorite content and manage their Roku devices easily.


Disney+ is a must-have app in entertainment, known for its huge collection of movies, TV shows, and exclusive stuff from big names like Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney. It offers a fast and easy way to find lots of entertainment in one spot. Working with leading mobile app developers is a great move for those wanting to make a similar app. These experts can create unique apps that meet specific needs, helping bring your app idea to life and reach millions, just like Disney+.


Netflix is a very popular entertainment app with tons of movies, TV shows, and originals. It’s super easy to use, offering a huge variety of entertainment in one place and giving personal recommendations based on what you like to watch. Netflix is a favorite worldwide, always adding new and exciting content. It’s the go-to app for top-notch entertainment.

Tubi – Movies & TV Shows

Tubi offers a large selection of movies and TV shows for free, including both famous and lesser-known titles. Its success comes from its simple interface and easy navigation. Unlike other services that cost money every month, Tubi is totally free for anyone with an internet connection.


HBO Max gives a big collection of movies, TV shows, and exclusive HBO programs. It’s easy to find and watch your favorite content with its smooth interface, making it easy to manage your preferences and what you’ve watched. For those looking to make an app like HBO Max, hiring an iPhone app developer is a smart choice. They specialize in making custom apps for iOS, offering solutions that fit exactly what clients want.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a favore­d app that offers plenty of films, TV dramas, and special NBC Unive­rsal program. Simple to navigate, it opens up a wide­ universe of amuseme­nt all in one location. Leading mobile app de­velopers in America state­ that Peacock TV provides both complimentary and pre­mium material, making it an adaptable, pocket-frie­ndly choice. It features re­nowned programs and movies like the­ “Fast and Furious” franchise and “The Office,” as we­ll as exclusive shows like the­ modern “Saved by the Be­ll” series.

Top Trending Communication Apps in USA

Explore the world of communication apps, where WhatsApp and Telegram lead the way in connecting people across the globe with ease and security.


In the US, WhatsApp is very popular because it’s easy to use and great for sending messages. People can text, send voice messages, and make voice and video calls to anyone around the world. It’s known for being simple to use and keeping messages safe, which is why so many people in the USA use it for chatting with friends and work. WhatsApp is loved because it lets people talk smoothly and clearly, no matter what phone or internet they have. Companies can work with React Native app developers to make their own messaging apps, hoping to get as popular as WhatsApp.


Telegram is another app that many people in the US like to use. It’s known for letting users message safely, send big files, and communicate quickly through text, voice calls, and sharing pictures and files. It’s a favorite in America for its easy-to-use design and strong safety features. Like with WhatsApp, companies can team up with skilled React Native developers to make their messaging app ideas come true and try to reach lots of users, just like Telegram.

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Trending Social Media Apps in USA

Discover the pulse of digital connection with an overview of the trending social media apps sweeping across the USA.


TikTok is a popular app in the United States that mixes social media with fun. It lets people make and share short videos with music, along with cool special effects, filters, and animations. Experts at top app-making companies in the US say TikTok’s success comes from how easy it is to use, making it simple for anyone to create and share videos. There’s a big demand for apps like TikTok, and companies that make apps have stepped up. These businesses are really good at making apps for Android phones and can make custom apps that do exactly what their customers want.


Instagram is a big deal in the US as a way to connect online. You can follow people, comment on their photos and videos, and now do things like shop, watch live streams, and chat, making it useful for both fun and business. If you’re thinking about making your own app like this, hiring an Android app developer could be a smart choice. These experts know how to build Android apps and can make one just for you, increasing your chances of making an app that’s as successful as Instagram.


Facebook is another app that’s really popular in the United States. It lets people keep up with friends and family, share what’s going on in their lives, and join groups with similar interests. With millions using it every day, it’s part of many people’s routines. Mobile app development experts believe Facebook stays popular because it keeps users interested with lots of different content like news, updates from friends, and info on what’s happening around the world. It also has tools and features for businesses, like creating Pages, forming Groups, and advertising.

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Top Trending Shopping Apps in USA

Explore the latest popular shopping apps in the United States, making online shopping easier and more personalized.


The­ U.S. sees Temu on the­ rise as a user-friendly shopping app. It cate­rs to different tastes with dive­rse products like clothes, gadge­ts, and household items. Beside­s, it recommends products based on use­r history, supporting secure payment mode­s like Apple Pay. Agencie­s desiring to venture into iOS app de­velopment have profe­ssionals who specialize in crafting customized apps.

Target – Save & Shop

The Target app is rapidly gaining traction among U.S. shoppers, offering a convenient way to browse and purchase from a wide selection of items including fashion, electronics, groceries, and home decor.

What sets this app apart are­ the special deals and markdowns, se­amlessly making every pe­nny count by showcasing bargains that match the user’s likes. The­ app is designed for hassle-fre­e browsing and a swift payment process, capable­ of merging with many payment methods for safe­ buying.

For those individuals and companies kee­n to step into the mobile trade­ arena, teaming up with skilled app cre­ators can result in a standout shopping app. Such alliances can boost wide-ranging use­r involvement by imitating Target’s me­thod to blend simplicity with budget-saving chances for dive­rse categories of ware­s.


A Gamut of Fashion: SHEIN dominate­s the fashion app market in the U.S., fe­aturing numerous trendy attires, acce­ssories, and beauty products, ensuring a se­amless shopping journey with straightforward payment gate­ways. Budding online fashion entrepre­neurs could benefit from spe­cialized iOS app develope­rs, leading to a uniquely curated app and popularity akin to SHEIN.

Amazon Shopping

Amazon is a top pick for virtual shopping in the­ U.S. with an immense catalog. Its easy-to-use­ interface and immediate­ access to a colossal variety of products, both from Amazon and other me­rchants, enhance its appeal. Quick de­livery, entailing same-day de­livery at certain locations, alongside Amazon Prime­ exclusive bene­fits, amplify its magnetism.


The One-stop Shop: The­ Walmart application is a universal favorite for purchasing a spectrum of ite­ms, such as groceries, ele­ctronics, and basic home necessitie­s. The customers have the­ flexibility of collecting their orde­rs from a Walmart storefront or opt for delivery inste­ad. Famous for its cost-effectivene­ss and voluminous inventory, it attracts economical customers. The­ platform also simplifies online grocery shopping. Thus, collaborating with a firm proficie­nt in developing customized mobile­ applications could be advantageous for prospective­ shopping app creators in this domain.

Top Food Delivery Apps in America

Discover how popular food delivery apps like McDonald’s and DoorDash are making it easier to enjoy your favorite meals at home.


McDonald’s is a famous fast food chain in the US, known for its recognizable brand. Its app is popular for those who want fast and easy meal options. The app makes ordering and keeping track of orders simple from your phone. It tells you when your food will be ready and lets you pay right from the app, making it convenient for quick food pickups. For businesses thinking of making a similar app, hiring developers who are experts in making custom Android apps might be a good move. They can create apps that fit exactly what a client needs.

DoorDash – Food Delivery

DoorDash is a top food delivery app in the US, known for bringing meals from your favorite restaurants straight to your home. It stands out because it offers a huge selection of places to order from, including local spots and famous chains, making it a hit with food lovers who want variety. The app is user-friendly, letting customers easily look through menus, order, and track their delivery. This service is ideal for anyone wanting a hassle-free way to order food. Partnering with experienced developers in react native can help businesses create a successful food delivery app like DoorDash.

Top Trending Business Management Apps in USA

Explore the top trending business apps in the USA that are revolutionizing the way companies communicate, collaborate, and manage projects.


A company specializing in iOS app development says Zoom is a video call app that became very popular when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. It lets people have virtual meetings, webinars, and online events easily, becoming a favorite tool for talking and working together from different places.


Slack is an app for team chats and working together that makes talking in a company easier. It has things like groups, chatting directly, sharing files, and connecting with other apps that help with work, making it a must-have for companies.


Trello is an app for managing projects that helps teams keep track of their work and decide what’s most important. It’s now one of the most liked apps in the USA and worldwide for business stuff. It uses boards and cards to show progress and give out tasks, helping teams handle projects better and get more done.

Trending Finance Apps In USA

Discover the top trending finance apps in the USA that are simplifying money management, tax filing, and payments for users in 2024.

TurboTax: File Your Taxes Easily

TurboTax is a popular app in the USA for filing your taxes quickly and easily. It’s perfect for individuals, people who work for themselves, and small businesses who prefer to handle their taxes without getting a tax expert. With TurboTax, you can effortlessly fill out your federal and state taxes with a straightforward interface. The app guides you step-by-step, making it easy for those unfamiliar with tax rules. It aims for precision, ensuring you get the most back on your taxes and avoid mistakes.

PayPal: Easy Sending, Shopping, and Managing

PayPal is a widely used app in the United States for all things money. It lets you send money, shop online, and keep an eye on your PayPal balance, all from your phone. If you’re after a safe way to look after your money online, PayPal’s advanced security keeps your transactions safe. It works well with lots of online stores, so paying for things and managing your money is hassle-free.

Venmo: Simplify Money Sharing

Venmo is a favorite in the US for sending money easily, especially popular among young adults for sharing costs like rent or meals. It’s changed the game for dividing bills with friends, making it super simple. With connections to many shopping apps, Venmo lets you pay for items right from the app, making it a top pick for those looking for an easy way to handle their money and payments.

Cash App

Cash App is a handy finance application that’s really taken off in the United States. It’s got a straightforward and easy design, which a lot of people and businesses like because it helps them handle their money easily while they’re out and about. With Cash App, you can quickly move money, pay your bills, and buy things with your phone. It lets you send money to your friends, family, and businesses super fast and without any hassle. Plus, you get updates right away so you always know where your money is and when someone gets it. The app also works with mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Top Game Apps in USA

Among Us

Among Us is a hit game where many players come together online. It’s famous worldwide because players team up to finish missions on a spaceship, all while figuring out who the secret traitor, or “impostor,” is among them.


Roblox is a place on the internet where you can make your own games or play games made by others. It’s special because you get to meet and work with other players in the games.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile brings the well-known action game to your phone or tablet. It’s popular for its amazing graphics and fun game types, like team battles and solo survival matches, making it exciting to play wherever you are.

Top Education Apps in USA

Check out these tools that are changing the way we learn, making studying more fun and personalized for everyone.

Duolingo is a fun language-le­arning app that utilizes games. You can engage­ in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a ne­w language.

Khan Academy gives le­ssons across numerous subjects. It uses vide­os, articles, and exercise­s, tailoring to your learning needs. Use­d widely, it’s a leading educational app in the­ states.

Quizlet uses flashcards, quizze­s, and games to aid in memory. You can locate mate­rials for various topics or create and share your own.

Updated List of Top 10 Health Apps for Any of Your Wellness and Fitness Goals in 2024

Top Health and Fitness Apps in USA

Fitbit is an app connected to Fitbit devices, tracking daily activities like steps, heart rate, and sleep. It helps set fitness goals, monitor progress, and even connect with friends for challenges.

Strava is great for people who love running or cycling. It tracks your routes, pace, and distance, offering detailed analytics of your workouts. You can also share your achievements and compete with others.

Nike Training Club offers a wide range of workout routines from strength training to yoga, tailored to all fitness levels. It includes guidance from experts, making it easy to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

MyFitnessPal is a widely-used app that helps people keep track of what they eat and their physical activity. It has a big list of foods and workouts, making it easy for users to set goals and see how they’re doing.

Headspace is a meditation app that offers guided sessions to help reduce stress, sleep better, and focus more. It has different programs for beginners and those who have meditated before.

Peloton provides online fitness classes like cycling, running, yoga, and strength training. You can join live or watch recorded classes, making it easy to exercise at home.

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Top Popular Dating Apps Of America

Here’s a look at popular apps for meeting new people and dating in simple terms:

Tinder is a widely used dating app that lets people swipe right if they like someone or left if they don’t, making it super easy to find and connect with potential dates.

Bumble is a dating app where women have the power to start conversations. It also helps you find friends with Bumble BFF and make professional connections with Bumble Bizz.

OkCupid is a dating app that finds matches for you based on what you like and how you answer their quizzes. It lets you message people, tweak your profile, and take compatibility tests.

Hinge positions itself as the dating app “designed to be deleted,” focusing on promoting real relationships over casual encounters. It introduces users through their mutual friends on social media, encouraging more meaningful connections.

Plenty of Fish (POF) offers a large user base and the ability to search for matches based on very specific criteria. It’s known for its personality tests and a wide range of features, including messaging, without requiring a premium subscription.

Final Say

The US app market keeps evolving, with lots of new and interesting apps coming out all the time. The 40 trending apps mentioned here are very popular and widely used. They include apps for food delivery, getting around, shopping, and handling money, making everyday tasks simpler and more convenient. They are loved for their easy-to-use designs, smooth navigation, and lots of features. The future for mobile apps in the US looks promising, and we’re likely to see many more useful and creative apps being made soon.

Related FAQs

What are the most trending apps in the USA right now?

Trending apps include those for food delivery, transportation, shopping, and finance, popular for their ease of use and convenience.

Which food delivery apps are currently popular in the USA?

Popular food delivery apps feature seamless ordering and a wide variety of restaurant choices.

Are there any apps for transportation that are widely used in the USA?

Yes, there are several highly used transportation apps known for their reliable service and user-friendly interfaces.

What shopping apps do Americans prefer using?

Americans prefer shopping apps that offer a wide range of products, easy payment options, and fast delivery.

Which finance apps are trending in the USA?

Trending finance apps are those offering easy budgeting tools, investment options, and secure transactions.

How do trending apps make daily life easier for users?

They simplify daily tasks through easy-to-use interfaces, efficient navigation, and a variety of features.

What can we expect from future mobile apps in the USA?

We can expect innovative and practical apps that continue to enhance convenience and add value to users’ lives.

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