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10 Best AI Celebrity Voice Generators

10 Best AI Celebrity Voice Generators

When you use an AI celebrity voice generator, you can be creative with voice cloning and AI technology.

The voices of actors from this time are known for the unique tones they used to show honesty, power, and surprise. They can take people to other places, make them feel strong emotions, and help them remember things for a long time. They’ve taken storytelling to a whole new level in ads, films, and other places.

Some sounds stand out right away, but not everyone agrees on those names. This blog post helps you pick one of these seven free AI celebrity voice generator.

Why would someone want a famous person to read their text?

Best AI Celebrity Voice Generators

How a famous voice generator might be used? Does it only do voice cloning and pranks, or is there another reason? It’s both, though. It can be fun to have a famous voice-over when you’re making fake online content. Like, if you have a family member or friend who really likes a certain star, like Kim Kardashian. A famous voice generator can be used to make them a gift of audio of you imitating Kim Kardashian. It will make their day. On the other hand, it’s useful for making fake audio and video clips to share on social media.

To say the least, the second one can be pretty sketchy. Deepfakes are fun, but they can really hurt the people who are being impersonated in the videos, GIFs, and audio clips. Deepfake and real-time learning technology have come a long way, and it’s easy to think that the footage is real, which can lead to fake news and scams that goes viral.

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Why Is an AI Celebrity Voice Generator Important?

Why would you have a celebrity read your messages aloud? Is its purpose limited to voice masking and pranks? The use of a well-known voice-over artist to produce comedic online content is entertaining, much like how celebrities add flair to trends like the Prom dress 2024.

Give your buddy a famous AI celebrity voice generator that mimics Kylie Jenner to make their day happier. As an alternative, it’s helpful for creating deepfake movies and music that can be posted on social media.

The second choice may be quite dubious. Deepfakes are amusing, but they can be harmful to the characters in the films, GIFs, and audio recordings. Advanced technology may create deepfakes that look incredibly authentic, distributing false information and fabricating tales.

7 Best Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators in 2024

Discover the future of voice technology with our roundup of the 7 best free AI celebrity voice generators available in 2024. Dive into this innovative world and find out how you can bring celebrity voices into your projects without spending a dime!

1) FakeYou: Use your favourite celebrity voices

Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators

Thanks to its large collection of realistic-sounding voices, FakeYou has become one of the most popular celebrity AI voice generators. FakeYou is quite good at imitating the speech patterns, intonations, and accents of different celebrities thanks to its AI-powered deep learning algorithms. This adaptable platform offers top-notch voice-overs for uses including dubbing and video narration, meeting the demands of content creators in various industries.

FakeYou offers a variety of authentic celebrity voices to breathe life into your projects, ranging from prominent public figures to Joe Biden’s commanding voice.

2) Vidnoz

Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators

As a free AI celebrity voice generator, Vidnoz can be used to imitate any voice, including that of celebrities. Free, simple, and AI-generated vocal cloning.

To enhance the authenticity of your content, select from a variety of AI celebrity voices, including that of Barack Obama. Vidnoz is notable for its support of multiple languages and its complete lack of charge.

When it becomes impossible to locate the desired voice, cloning may be an option. Simply upload an audio sample, add text or a recording, and a personalised clone of the voice of a celebrity will be generated.

In addition to an AI text-to-speech tool, an AI headshot generator, an AI face Swapper tool, and a Deepfake generator, Vidnoz is widely recognised for a variety of other functionalities.

3) CleVoice

Online AI Celebrity Voice Generators

The leading AI celebrity voice generator, CleVoice, converts your voice into that of well-known figures such as Musk, Obama, Trump, and Biden. CleVoice is a no-cost application that enables rapid generation of celebrity accents. Additionally, a daily complimentary trial of CleVoice is available.

It provides over 400 voice effects and over 150 voice parodies for a lighthearted experience, in addition to various filters. CleVoice provides a selection of voice filters for free evaluation so users can determine whether or not they are useful.

4) Easy Customization

Online AI Celebrity Voice Generators

In terms of adaptability and personalization choices, distinguishes itself as the preeminent text-to-speech generator for celebrities. Its library contains an extensive assortment of celebrity voices, from which you are free to select your favorites. is distinguished by its sophisticated customization capabilities. Parameters including tone, intonation, and speech rate can be modified in order to generate an individualized voiceover that precisely fulfils your intention.

In addition, the platform’s seamless integration with widely used audio and video editing software guarantees content creators a streamlined workflow.

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5) Musicfy

celebrity voice generator

With Musicfys text-to-speech, which imitates the voice of your favourite celebrity, artificial intelligence is utilised. Obtain captivating audio for your content by selecting from a roster of renowned accents, thereby imbuing it with an air of celebrity.

AI voice generator without celebrities that infuse your projects with celebrity allure, whether you’re into content creation, marketing, or simply having fun.

6) Lovo AI

celebrity voice generator is a free, high-quality celebrity AI voice generator with over 500 voices in over 100 languages. By modifying the intonation, pauses, pronunciation, and emphasis, you have complete control over the voice for a customised experience. is capable of cloning voices in an exact manner, thereby generating distinct vocal characteristics. Rapidly capture the voice using rudimentary devices such as a smartphone or laptop; no specialised equipment is required.

Genny allows you to upload an MP3 or WAV file or record a one-minute voiceover.

7) Voiceai: AI Celebrity Mimicry

celebrity ai voice generator free

VoiceAI employs advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence to accurately reproduce the vocal characteristics of renowned individuals, such as vocalists, actors, and public figures. By utilising its extensive library of celebrity voices and superior voice synthesis, VoiceAI guarantees authentic voiceovers that faithfully depict the distinctive vocal qualities of the chosen celebrities.

The real-time preview and editing functionalities of the platform empower content creators to meticulously refine the produced voiceovers, effortlessly satisfying their particular specifications.

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8) Voice Candy

ai voice generator celebrity free

When searching for an online celebrity voice modulator for personal use, Voice Candy is a viable option. Changing the voice of pre-recorded audio noises is possible with this straightforward yet dependable voice changer.

So, in order to modify the intonation and voice of the audio file, one must initially record it. All eight sound effects it generates are capable of creating a memorable experience, despite the fact that it does not provide an abundance of them.

9) Voxbox

ai voice generator free celebrity

As the market’s preeminent AI celebrity voice generator with an extensive library of authentic celebrity voices, it is prudent to select Voxbox. This product contains the voice of whoever you desire. It also has a voice clone function, which can be utilised if the desired celebrity voice is not available.

Support for multiple languages and a high-quality voice distinguish it from other celebrity AI voice generators.

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10) Voicemod

ai voice generator free celebrity

Consider Voicemod, if you are in search of an appropriate celebrity voice modulator. It transforms your PC into a celebrity-worthy voice modulator with unwavering dependability. You can select from an extensive variety of voice filters and sound effects.

Widely utilized as a voice modulator in real time across numerous online platforms, Voicemod is a well-known voice alter.

Final Say

It takes both science and art to produce popular voices. It may alter the ways in which we produce and consume content. It enables creative expression, contributes to the creation of engaging content, and injects humour into initiatives.

Make ethical and responsible use of this technology. To be accountable in your public or commercial endeavors, you should never use a celebrity’s voice without prior permission. Responsible and non-misleading use of AI-generated celebrity voice tools is advised.

Related FAQs

What are AI-generated celebrity voice tools?

These are software applications that use artificial intelligence to replicate the voice of celebrities for various uses, such as marketing, entertainment, or virtual assistants.

How do AI-generated celebrity voice tools work?

They analyze audio samples of a celebrity’s voice and use machine learning algorithms to synthesize speech that mimics the celebrity’s vocal patterns and intonations.

Are AI-generated celebrity voice tools legal to use?

The legality depends on copyright and right of publicity laws, which vary by jurisdiction; typically, consent from the celebrity or their estate is required.

What are the ethical concerns with AI-generated celebrity voice tools?

Ethical concerns include potential misuse for deceptive purposes, privacy violations, and the impact on a celebrity’s personal brand without their consent.

Can AI-generated celebrity voice tools be customized for any text?

Yes, these tools can generate speech from any provided text, allowing them to say things never actually spoken by the celebrities, as long as the voice model has been sufficiently trained.

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