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Top Apps Like TaskRabbit Alternatives

Top Apps Like TaskRabbit Alternatives

TaskRabbit is a popular platform for freelance workers. It allows anyone to obtain help with errands, handyman services, relocation aid, and other simple activities. And if you’re on the worker side of the equation, you can earn money while providing these services.

So, when you require any service to be performed within or near your residence, you often choose an agency and contact them. Alternatively, you could inquire with your friend for a recommendation. You often seek a variety of services, such as repairing water pipes, replenishing LPG, and relocating to a new property.

Presumably, you are already acquainted with the most intelligent approach to accomplishing this task. TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people who need tasks done with individuals who are willing to do those tasks.

Not many individuals are aware, but there are existing applications that enable users to interact with these services and do various tasks related to them. Furthermore, it is adeptly capturing the current patterns and revolutionarily enabling consumers to effortlessly and conveniently avail themselves of these services. The rapid growth in popularity and importance of on-demand home services in several utility sectors is expected to fundamentally transform our perception of the service industry.

This blog provides a comprehensive, detailed approach for creating apps similar to TaskRabbit. We have compiled a list of ten prominent alternatives to TaskRabbit.

List of Best Sites Like TaskRabbit to Generate More Revenue

Sure, here is the table in an easy-to-copy format:

App NameDescriptionTypes of TasksKey Benefits
HandyConnects you with home service professionalsCleaning, handyman servicesEasy booking, flexible scheduling
PorchFind and hire local contractorsHome repairs, remodelingWide range of services, trusted pros
ThumbtackConnect with clients for various jobsHome repairs, cleaning, eventsConnect with clients, choose your jobs
WonoloOn-demand staffing platformWarehousing, event staffing, adminQuick gigs, immediate pay
FancyHandsVirtual assistant servicesAdministrative tasks, schedulingRemote work, flexible hours
JobbleTemporary and gig job platformEvent staffing, delivery, warehousingVariety of gigs, flexible work
Care.comFind caregiving jobsBabysitting, senior care, pet careTrusted network, flexible hours
Pro ReferralConnects with local home service prosHome repairs, maintenanceVerified pros, quality service
SteadyFind gig and part-time jobsVarious gig jobsJob recommendations, income tracking
NextdoorConnect with neighbors and local servicesCommunity events, local servicesLocal connections, trusted reviews
HumanaticGet paid to review callsReviewing and sorting callsWork from home, flexible hours

About Taskrabbit

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Handymen and contractors in your neighborhood can find local customers looking for specific home services on Taskrabbit.

Despite its humble beginnings as a platform for those with handyman skills seeking side gigs, Taskrabbit has expanded to provide a staggering 50 service categories across seven primary industries:

  • Putting Together
  • Mounting
  • Moving
  • Cleaning
  • Assisting with outside tasks
  • Household maintenance
  • Painting

You can enroll your business in the relevant categories in your specific location(s) for $25 (applicable in eligible cities you register with). In order to use Taskrabbit, you will need to verify your identification and, if necessary, provide verifications for your business. After you’ve finished creating your profile, you’ll be able to choose your weekly availability and, if you like, choose to be considered for tasks that are posted the same day.

Local clients looking for your services can check your profile data, which include your skill set, hourly rate, and reviews from previous clients who have used the platform. Chat with potential clients, organize and track projects and payments, and more using Taskrabbit’s intuitive mobile app—compatible with both iOS and Android. The app’s secure payment system allows contractors to submit invoices through Taskrabbit.

Plumbing and electrical work are among the home services offered by Taskrabbit, but the platform is primarily used for one-off projects and odd jobs, such as fixing a broken light fixture or a dripping faucet. For this reason, it isn’t usually the best choice for attracting long-term, loyal customers looking for more substantial home services, such as air conditioning installation or a bathroom remodel. However, it can be a good source for small businesses and independent contractors just starting out, or for making extra money during the slow season.

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How Does TaskRabbit Work?

These days, the on-demand apps like TaskRabbit let you complete all of it with only a few taps on your cell phone. All you have to do is:

  • Provide a description of the assignment: Entering a service keyword, let the app indicate the kind of work involved.
  • Find a Match: Your needs and tastes align with the best qualified service providers.
  • Complete the task: Choose one of the options and use the services, completing the payment through the application.

Thus, like many specialists do, that is a quite quick and easy approach to get things done without thinking about the outcome. Furthermore, the kind of security and integrity TaskRabbit provides is quite consistent as you only get to meet suppliers that have been completely checked through several authentication and trustworthiness checks. On the data front, you also have to deal with tight security standards and multi-layered encryption, which makes sharing data on the app rather dependable.

Taskrabbit Competitors: 10 App Alternatives for Lead Generation

1) Handy

Handy is one of the best apps like Taskrabbit available, and it is certainly feasible to generate substantial revenue through this platform. General handyman tasks, furniture assembly, cleaning gigs, TV mounting/setup, and similar domestic tasks can be profitable as a Handy Pro.

However, Handy also provides plumbing and electrical services, which are undoubtedly the highest-paying job categories on the platform. Similar to TaskRabbit, this platform is available in numerous cities across North America and the United Kingdom. Working with Handy Pro requires prior experience. However, Handy is not an employer. The platform just connects independently.

Handy does not allow any freshmen for its services, which is why clients are required to accept only professionals. Nevertheless, the platform is accessible in a variety of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

2) Porch

Porch is the industry leader in handyman apps, with an excellent platform that offers moving assistance, painting, electrical, lawn care, furniture assembly, and other part-time local services.

This software is particularly useful because it is provider-driven. “Pros” (as they’re known on Porch) can specify the types of jobs they desire and how frequently they want to buy and receive leads from the online marketplace.

This app also incentivizes quality for their professionals. They have a “Vetted Pros” program, which gives a 5% discount on leads acquired on demand. Vetted Pros also obtain automatic lead credits when they complete the outreach requirements but do not contact homeowners.

3) Thumbtack

Thumbtack is an excellent taskrabbit alternative to hiring a handyman, as local taskers complete work depending on local need. This platform monetizes on both ends: one from the customer’s total transaction amount and another 15% cost reduction as a commission from taskers’ project earnings. Furthermore, Thumbtack always has a professional community that provides the greatest handyman services.

The Thumbtack app may help you find a dog walker, a landscaper, a DJ, or anyone else for a specific assignment for free. Every day, the Thumbtack app links local workers to millions of potential consumers for their projects.

Thumbtack offers around 1000 distinct services to pick from. With the Thumbtack app, you can very much find anyone you want to hire. Local companies all throughout the country use Thumbtack for their purposes. So, from contractor to instructor to every vendor imaginable, Thumbtack has it all.

4) Wonolo

Wonolo is another on-demand freelance staffing app similar to TaskRabbit. The app’s functionality is quite simple. You only need a smartphone and a valid social security number to register and use the Wonolo app.

Wonolo’s system is similar to those of other apps like TaskRabbit. It connects freelance gig workers with daily assignments that pay within 1-5 business days. People that offer freelancing services through Wonolo are known as Wonoloers, or in-demand workers. These Wonoloers have all been rigorously checked to ensure that they meet the criteria and requirements of the jobs.

Wonolo users must be 18 years old and have a Social Security number. This could be a hurdle for people who do not have one or do not want to give their data. However, one evident advantage is its ease of use, which makes it comparable to Taskrabbit.

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5) FancyHands

FancyHands is a TaskRabbit-like software that focuses on virtual work. It enables you to work from home, doing errands assigned by busy professionals and businesses.

FancyHands offers the following jobs:

  • Making telephone calls.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Find the best pricing.
  • Booking a trip
  • Data Entry

To get started, fill out an application. Then, if approved, you’ll be able to begin pulling positions from the employment board.

Each work pays between $3 and $7, depending on the time required and the complexity. You can work as much or as little as you choose. FancyHands makes payments every other Tuesday.

6) Jobble

Jobble advertises itself as the premier on-demand job application in the United States. It is challenging to confirm the veracity of that assertion; however, it is certain that it is an excellent location for acquiring new clients.

Despite the fact that Jobble is not as concentrated on home services as Taskrabbit, users are able to access job listings in their vicinity at no cost. Additionally, users may submit applications for employment without incurring any advance expenses subsequent to the establishment of their profiles.

Depending on the user’s area of expertise and the available tasks in their area, this application would be an ideal platform for conducting B2B work, such as becoming the preferred plumber for an office complex. It does not address residential needs.

7) is a website that primarily helps consumers discover babysitters, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers. However, it also has a minor part for hiring people for errands and odd chores, such as ordinary home repairs and upkeep.

One benefit of choosing this Taskrabbit competitor is that the jobs are often well-paying, but need an initial commitment. To view and apply for local jobs, service providers must become Premium Members. With a Premium Membership, providers can rank higher, receive job alerts faster, and engage more effectively with potential clients.

Given the limited fraction of this app devoted to home services, the value of your investment will most likely be determined by which mobile apps people in your area use for home repair and maintenance.

Before committing to the improved membership plan, learn more about, its cost, and how potential consumers typically access it.

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8) Pro Referral

Pro Referral, a service provided by Home Depot, is a platform that facilitates the connection between homeowners and qualified professionals. In order to locate a contractor on this platform, you need to become a member and provide your project specifications and geographical area. Subsequently, the platform will connect you with nearby experts in the field.

You have the option to browse through suggested profiles and establish connections with a maximum of five professionals. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to do an autonomous search for services, where you can input your ZIP code and explore the available choices.

Pro Referral facilitates connections with professionals who provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Painting
  • Electrical tasks
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Gardening
  • Contracting

The service is free for homeowners, and there are no fees associated with requesting or receiving referrals. Pro Referral provides refunds of up to $500. All of their contractors are licensed, insured, and subject to background investigations.

9) Steady

One of the most famous alternatives to Taskrabbit is Steady, where an estimated six million taskers are earning money. The platform will connect clients with assignments that may be suitable for their needs, enabling them to identify the appropriate professionals to handle their tasks. This application is most suitable for college students, freelancers, contractors, and side hustlers who wish to earn additional income at their discretion.

The steady app platform is currently assisting over six million members in generating an average of $5500 annually. The operation of this contract economy application is straightforward. The primary objective of the brief side hustle questionnaire is to assist the platform in gaining insight into the prospective member after they have downloaded the app.

In addition, Steady matches members with gigs that align with their talent set and income objectives. Furthermore, gig workers are required to submit an application from the gig worker list in order to generate immediate income on the side. The Steady app is most suitable for students, freelancers, independent contractors, side hustlers, and individuals in search of part-time and full-time experts.

10) Nextdoor

The Nextdoor application declares that it has established a platform that enables local businesses to establish trusted relationships and exchange beneficial information, products, and services. In order to establish and thrive as a local business, it is crucial for app users to provide their local address and some fundamental information.

Nevertheless, the Nextdoor application is operational in 260,000 communities in 11 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Australia. The Nextdoor app is utilized by one in every five households in the United States.

The local enterprises that have registered with the Nextdoor business app have received recommendations worth more than $40 million. All of the other platforms mentioned in this section commence operations on a global scale and subsequently concentrate on the local audience. In contrast, the Nextdoor application establishes and maintains a local presence for both businesses and consumers.

11) Humanatic

Humanatic is an additional work-from-home application that is similar to TaskRabbit. However, its sole focus is quite distinctive.

Did you receive a message from a business that stated, “We are recording this call for quality purposes” during your most recent interaction with them?

If this is the case, Humanatic is among the organizations that review those call recordings.

Humanatic employs employees to listen to prerecorded calls and subsequently respond to inquiries in order to assess the quality of the calls. Afterward, they compile these responses into reports and forward them to the corresponding companies. As a call reviewer who works from home, you have the flexibility to work as little or as much as you desire, provided that there are calls in the inventory. Humanatic experiences its highest volume of activity from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST on a daily basis.

The application procedure is simple, and it appears that there are not many obstacles to overcome. The primary requirement is a PayPal account. That all sounds fantastic, correct? Well, it has been discovered that there is a significant drawback to this position.

Last Thought

That’s all from our end. We tried to cover all the bases in this article so that you could get a full picture of tasks like TaskRabbit. The market for handymen is growing quickly, and all of the services that compete with TaskRabbit are doing well. If you want to get into the business, now is the right time to do it. You can get help with your development questions from an android app development companies. They will understand what you need and help you go through the right steps.

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