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Android is an operating system that was created specifically for mobile phones and other devices. Along with other open-source software, the Linux kernel serves as the foundation for Google’s Android development. All touchscreen mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, run Android with ease. However, as Android OS has evolved over time, it can now be utilized with ease in Android TVs, vehicles, watches, cameras, and other devices. Google acquired Android, created by Android Inc., in 2005.

Numerous apps, including games and music players, are developed for Android-powered smartphones. There are already more than 3.3 million apps available in the Google Play Store. The Android Package Kit (APK) is a package or bundle that may be used to install executable programs.Programming for Android is mostly done in two languages: Java or C++ and Extension Markup Language (XML). Nevertheless, Kotlin has gained popularity recently. While Kotlin or Java handles the back-end, handling variables, button functionality, storing, and other things, XML handles the front end with regard to layouts, presentations, blueprints, etc.

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