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Quantum Application Lab is a collaboration of six scientific institutions with diverse areas of competence. The CWI and UvA conduct foundational quantum computing research, while TNO conducts applied scientific R&D, SURF conducts high-performance computing, eScience develops academic software, and Quantum Inspire develops quantum computing hardware platforms.

The Quantum Application Lab (QAL) is an open innovation ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between academic research on quantum computing and industry applications. The goal of this ecosystem is to find solutions to some of the most important social concerns that we face in sectors such as health care, energy, and technology.

Quantum Computing and It’s Impact as per QAL

Quantum computing is fast evolving from a specialized physics theory to a source of new innovations, economic growth, and job possibilities. While still a young technology, its potential is being actively investigated for use cases in a variety of industries, including automotive, chemical, energy, finance, materials, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and others.

For Financial Businesses

Financial services are looking at better investment portfolio management, improved risk pricing models, and more effective analysis of massive or unstructured data sets, all having equally potent applications in capital markets, corporate finance, fraud detection, and encryption.

For the energy and power sector

The energy and power industries are predicted to benefit from quantum computing’s simulation capabilities and computing power, resulting in more efficient electrical power systems, improved batteries, cleaner fertilizer, and lower emissions.

For Pharmaceutical Companies

The ability of quantum computing to mimic larger, more complicated molecules has the potential to cut medication discovery time and increase effective patent life for pharmaceutical businesses and biotech industries.

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