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As one of the quick JavaScript frameworks for Next.js, Crystal Infoway offers server-side Next.js development services that are both quick and scalable. Our developers create apps that are feature-rich, quick, and tailored to your company’s requirements by fully utilizing the potential of Next.js. Our goal is to create engaging, creative, and distinctive applications for your company. Crystal Infoway strives to provide the best development services possible with a seamless, highly effective, and scalable process throughout.

We take care to take advantage of all of Next.js’s wonderful and helpful capabilities, such as pre-rendering, reusable elements, and hot reloading. October 25, 2016, or five years ago, was the initial publication of Next.js as an open-source project on GitHub. The original development was built on six principles: automatic code splitting and server rendering, adjustable data fetching, anticipating requests, and simplifying deployment. Out-of-the-box capability that requires no setup. JavaScript everywhere. All functions are written in JavaScript.

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