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Wipro is a leading company that helps other businesses use technology to grow and solve problems. They are experts in making computers smarter with AI, keeping data safe with cybersecurity, and helping businesses change with the times through digital transformation.

Wipro knows a lot about different industries, so they can give advice that fits each company’s specific needs. They also care a lot about doing the right thing, both in how they run their business and in helping the community through various projects.

This makes them a trusted partner for companies that want to improve with technology while also making positive contributions to society.

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    Ashley earned her M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Dallas, where she gained a solid foundation in business strategy and management, further enhancing her ability to bridge the gap between technology and business needs.

    Ashley has spent the past several years working in the IT industry, with a focus on AI innovations, AR, VR, Blockchain, and GPT technologies. She has held various positions in IT management, software development, and AI research, consistently delivering exceptional results and driving technological advancements.