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Bastian Solutions, a distinguished member of the Toyota Industries Corporation and part of the Toyota Advanced Logistics Group, has evolved from its Mid-Western US origins into a global powerhouse in warehouse automation.

Specializing in creating efficient, technologically advanced solutions for material handling, Bastian Solutions has made significant strides in the automation industry, becoming a premier partner for AutoStore distribution and implementation.

The company’s diverse range of solutions encompasses internally developed systems as well as a selection of third-party systems, ensuring customized and effective implementations tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Bastian Solutions has successfully executed ambitious projects for notable clients, such as a high-capacity AutoStore grid for Puma in California and a comprehensive AutoStore setup for Dafiti Group in Brazil, incorporating advanced conveyor technology and proprietary software.

With 2021 marking a record year of revenue growth, Bastian Solutions stands at the forefront of robotics and automation, driving the future of supply chain efficiency and innovation.

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